TJ Hertz (a.k.a. Objekt) will soon release Objekt #4, his first release since 2014’s Flatland.

Objekt #4 is a continuation of his club-focused white-label series, launched in 2011, and a tribute to the sadly now defunct Basement Q, a formative and beloved haunt in Berlin’s Schöneberg district which quietly but profoundly shaped the musical identities of Hertz and several of his contemporaries until its final closure in 2012.

“There really was no place quite like it,” remembers Hertz. “Even in the later years when Joe [Call Super] and I would go, the sense of vitality was palpable; you had all these regulars who must all have been pushing 50 years old but still had more energy and passion than any 25-year-olds we knew at the time. God only knows what it must’ve been like in the ’80s when it opened.

“I think it changed a bit over the years but I know the horse fresco on the ceiling was there from the start and the custom-built soundsystem too. Bogdan, the sage and amiable but somehow kinda unhinged old Bulgarian dude that owned and built the place, he had this obsession with right angles; he hated them, said they were fascist or something. So everything was slightly askew and you never quite knew which direction was up, much less when he or Emil or one of the other residents were playing. It was disorientating and beautiful and in the midst of such an experience, your eyes would offer your brain no valid explanation for the wonderful confusion of sound that your ears were reporting. Meanwhile, this old, fabulous, rave-weathered crowd of 40 to 60 people would be gradually losing their shit, feet glued to the floor but bodies flailing as if caught in a hurricane. It was something else.”


A. Needle & Thread
B. Theme From Q

Objekt #4 is scheduled for March 27 release.