Early next month, Berlin-based producer and former Artist Tips contributor Objekt will drop Hypnagogia—a split 12″ with legendary Detroit outfit Dopplereffekt—via the Leisure System label. Ahead of its release, Objekt’s restless contribtuion to the effort, “Ganzfeld,” can now be streamed in full. Appearing on the flipside of Hypnagogia, the new production finds Objekt piecing together energized rhythmic structures, which he constantly manipulates throughout the tune’s six-minute run. Joining the electro-indebted drum programming are thick pads and light melodies, which take a backseat to a surprisingly active, funk-laced bass synth, which twists and turns at a frenetic pace across the effort.

Objekt’s “Ganzfeld” production can be streamed in full below before his split 12″ with Dopplereffekt lands on September 1 via Berlin label/club night Leisure System.