Octave One will release a new album in November.

Lenny and Lawrence Burden dropped their most recent full-length last year—Burn It Down. Active for over two decades, the Detroit techno producers are showing no signs of slowing down; today, they announced that they have another album scheduled for release before the end of the year.

Nine-track Love By Machine will go out on their own 430 West imprint. On the recording process, Lawrence explained: “We decided to go back to how we used to make our records, when we didn’t have so many ‘sophisticated’ audio devices. Back to when we interacted in the studio together as musicians.”

Love By Machine will be released November 25.


01. In Mono
02. Locator
03. Just Don’t Speak (Midnight Sun ReDub)
04. 7 b4 Dawn
05. Bad Love II
06. Sounds of Jericho
07. [Where] Time Collides
08. Pain Pressure
09. 8 b4 Dawn