Detroit’s Octave One—the partnership of brothers Lenny Burden and Lawrence Burden—has revealed details of an upcoming album. In 2012, the two techno veterans issued a retrospective compilation, and 12″s from the pair have flowed steadily via labels such as Tresor and their own 430 West since the early ’90s— but it’s been almost a decade since their last proper full-length. The new album, entitled Burn It Down, reportedly arrives at a point where the two artists are “searching out new forms,” and assembles material aired during live shows in recent years. “As individuals and as musicians, we have grown with time and through our travels,” Octave One says. “Our music reflects that. Our work this time around has taken a lot longer to produce, but we feel it represents, more than anything else we have done to this point, our complete idea as an album project.”

Burn It Down is described as a hardware-heavy affair that encompasses everything from “triumphant diva house” to “sci-fi, slo-mo techno,” and is due out via 430 West on May 26. Until then, the record’s artwork and complete tracklist are on view below, where an updated list of Octave One tour dates has also been included.

1. Eighth Wonder
2. Jazzo/Lose Myself (featuring Ann Saunderson)
3. Afterglow
4. A Better Tomorrow (O1 Remake) (featuring Random Noise Generation)
5. Believer (featuring Ann Saunderson)
6. Whatever She Wants (featuring Random Noise Generation)
7. New Life (Album vocal mix) (featuring Afrika Pratt-Ansa)
8. The Forgotten
9. Return Of Juno
10. After The Afterglow
11. Jazzo (Album Mix)

March 21 – Tresor Club, Berlin, Germany
March 27 – Perron, Rotterdam, Netherlands
March 28 – Tunnels , Aberdeen, United Kingdom
May 13 – Chateau De Keriolet, Concarneau, France
May 16 – Chateau Techno Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 06 – Motion Carpark, Bristol, United Kingdom
July 09 – Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia
July 20 – Holy Pink Festival, Tilburg, Netherlands
August 1 – 3rd Wave Festival, Arena, Berlin, Germany
August 7 – Festival, Playa Villaricos, Spain
August 30 – Krankbrother@Shapes, Hackney Wick, London, United Kingdom
September 19 – Detroit Love@StageOne Festival, Brooklyn, United States