Honey Soundsystem will release Octo Octa‘s second studio album.

Brooklyn-based house and techno artist Maya Bouldry-Morrison (a.k.a. Octo Octa) has previously put music out on the likes of 100% Silk, Running Back and Skylax. She is set to release her second studio album on San Francisco’s Honey Soundsystem imprint. The forthcoming Where Are We Going? is described by the label as being “like a diary,” containing a number of autobiographical references.

In reference to album cut “Do you feel better?,” Bouldry-Morrison stated: “It was the question every single person asked me after coming out as transgender. Overall I do, but no, I don’t feel better at every moment, which is why the track slips out with a dour bass drone in addition to a beautiful pad. These days, both emotions are ever-present for me.”

Where Are We Going? is due out March 24. Stream “Move On (Let Go) (De-Stress Mix)” in full below.