Mournful acoustic chords, hints of bluegrass, and angelic vocals aren’t necessarily what spring to mind when you hear the word “Brooklyn,” but that’s one of the things that makes David Wingo (a.k.a. Ola Podrida) an appropriate choice for Plug Research‘s most recent artist signing. The up-and-coming songwriter, whose work includes film scores for George Washington and The Guatemalan Handshake, will release his self-titled debut album in the spring.

If the clips we’ve heard are anything to go by, expect light folk sounds blended with moodier melodies that hint at something melancholy beneath the serene surface of the tracks. It’s a breath of rural air swept into Plug Research’s predominately urban, electronic roster, but given the label’s taste for eclecticism, it’s also a highly appropriate move. Now imagine what collaborations with labelmates like Daedelus and Dntel would foster.

Ola Podria‘s self-titled album is out April 3, 2007 on Plug Research.

Show Dates
02/09 Seattle, WA: Northwest Film Forum (Solo Set)
02/17 Brooklyn, NY: Pete’s Candy Store
02/24 Brooklyn, NY: Union Pool
03/17 Austin, TX: SXSW–Plug Research Label Showcase