BAFTA-winning artist, composer, musician, and producer Ólafur Arnalds has unveiled a gorgeous new track, titled “re:member,” featuring his new software, Stratus, which “transforms the humble piano into a unique new instrument.”

Besides the Stratus Pianos, the track features a string quartet, synths, electronics, and drums. It flows from beautiful piano chords through to shimmering string harmonies, and into a thrilling electronic finale. The beats were co-produced by Bngrboy, with the track being released alongside a brand new music video.

The music video, which was shot by Icelandic director Thora Hilmarsdottir, provides a new insight into the music. Of the video, Ólafur says, “The video touches on elements of masculinity and how men communicate their feelings. But also the hope and joy we can find in each other when we manage to connect with each other or something that we share.”

r:emember is out now via Mercury KX.