Photo by Ivanna Capture You

On May 19, Stil Vor Talent will release the sixth album from its label head Oliver Koletzki, titled The Arc of Tension.

According to the press release, the 13-track album does away with the vocals of previous outings in favor of a “tropical, downbeat excursion, steeped in spirituality.” This multicolored description is manifested perfectly in the video for lead single, “A Tribe Called Kotori,” in which the viewer is taken on a surreal, animated journey through ritualistic scenes. The track and its video display Koletzki’s connection with downtempo music and spirituality, as he explains:

‘”A Tribe Called Kotori” is exemplary of my love for downtempo music, which I recently rediscovered. The spirituality that sits at the core of the song has its biggest impact when you immerse yourself in the hand drawn video by my good friend and illustrator Chrisse Kunst.’

You can watch the video in full below, alongside the album’s tracklisting, with the single available to purchase here.


1. A Tribe Called Kotori
2. By My Side
3. Tankwa Town
4. Byron Bay
5. Spiritual but Not Religious 6 A Star Called Akasha
7. Through the Darkness
8. Planetarium
9. They Can’t Hold Me Back 10 Iyéwaye
11. Chaturanga
12. Power to the People
13. The Day We Leave Earth