Ever-restless producer Om Unit (a.k.a. Jim Coles) just released his own take on the classic drum & bass sound with Grey Skies Over Chicago for Goldie’s Metalheadz label, and now, the Londoner has announced that he is set to release his debut LP via Civil. Threads‘ 14 tracks are said to be influenced by an array of genres—including hip-hop, dubstep, and a variety of jungle permutations—the effects of which are said to outline Coles’ own musical journey with a balance of both introspective and energetic moments. Om Unit’s album also features guest appearances from the likes of Jinadu, Young Echo affiliate Jabu, and the enigmatic Gone The Hero. Threads is set for release on October 28, but before then, its tracklist and artwork can be viewed below.

1. Folding Shadows
2. The Silence (feat. Jinadu)
3. Healing Rain
4. Jus Sayin’ (feat. Gone The Hero)
5. Drift Interlude
6. Reverse Logic
7. Corridor 2013
8. Nagual
9. Patients (feat. MC Jabu)
10. Deep Sea Pyramid
11. Wall of Light
12. Jaguar
13. Wicker and Pearl
14. Governer’s Bay
15. The Road (feat. Charlie Dark)