Genre-hopping producer Om Unit has been dipping his toes into jungle, footwork, and heavier sounds for some time now, so it’s without too much surprise that the Londoner has announced that his next EP, Grey Skies Over Chicago, is set to be released via Goldie’s classic drum & bass label, Metalheadz. Om Unit recently discussed the three-song EP with Red Bull Music Academy, describing it as “not your average drum & bass record.” He goes on to say, “I can’t go in and make drum & bass like the masters, as it’s not my world as such. So I’ve done my own thing, and it turns out that the [Metalheadz] team loves it.” The first track from the EP, “Sleepwalkers,” surfaced last week, and now, another preview has surfaced of the record’s title cut, which rides a dark, brooding intro into a sweeping drum & bass groove. Before they’re released on September 2, both tracks can be previewed below.