N.A.A.F.I will release a new album from OMAAR, real name Omar Suárez.

Suárez is a DJ-producer from the north of Mexico City. Through his childhood, he developed an obsession with electronic music, which in time developed into an attentive ear for rhythms that come from “the London ghetto,” he says.

Around 2012, he shaped his sound into what he describes as a dark but happy nostalgia. It merges broken rhythms like jungle, drum & bass, grime, and UK garage with more conventional genres such as techno, house, and even hip-hop.

For this release, he made a “meticulous selection,” pulling from deep house, techno, UK funky, hard drum, gqom, and dembow, he says. “In it you can see the progress of each track and the way I merged the different genres and styles already mentioned above.”

OMAAR debuted on N.A.A.F.I with Progressive Tribes, released in 2017.

The album follows TYGAPAW‘s GET FREE on the Mexican label.


01. Jungla
02. Drum Dance
03. Drum Temple
04. Traib
05. Ritmo
06. Mystery Man
07. Arriba Y Abajo
08. Drum Temple (Lao Remix)
09. Traib (Nick León Remix)
10. Ritmo (WRACK Remix)

Drum Temple LP is scheduled for April 16 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Drum Dance” below and pre-order here.