Mars Volta writer/producer/guitarist Omar Rodriguez Lopez is set to release his latest solo album, Old Money, on Stones Throw Records. Loosely based on the concept of “exploitative industrialists” and “their old money,” the 10-track album is already available digitally, while the physical version drops on January 27th of next year. Featuring rock ranging from progressive to psychedelic to funk, the music falls perfectly into the space between Lopez’ guitar work for The Mars Volta and prior solo releases, such as 2007’s The Apocalypse Inside of an Orange.

Old Money
01 The Power of Myth
02 How to Bill the Bilderberg Group
03 Population Council’s Wet Dream
04 Private Fortunes
05 Trilateral Commission as Dinner Guests
06 1921
07 Family War Funding (Love Those Rothschilds)
08 Vipers in the Bosom
09 I Like Rockefellers’ First Two Albums, but After That…
10 Old Money