El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez Lopez might sound like a recently created project, but if you’ve kept your ear close to the rumor mill over the last few years, you’ll know that The Mars Volta’s über-prolific frontman has been conceptualizing the outfit since 2006. Cryptomnesia will be the group’s first release, with contributions from Hella’s Zach Hill and Jonathan Hischke, Juan Alderete de la Peña, of The Mars Volta, and vocalist Cedric Bixler Zavala.

According to a recent press release, Cryptomnesia‘s tracks are, compared to the sounds of The Mars Volta, “comparatively stripped-down and aggressive, with Hill’s presence injecting a dose of chaos and inertia that are a keystone of the El Grupo Nuevo sound.”

May 5 is the official street date for the new album, but Lopez and Co will also release 3,000 vinyl copies on April 18, for Record Store Day. Said copies will only be available through indie retailers, in keeping with the holiday. Audio snippets and some very colorful graphics can be seen here.

01 Tuberculoids
02 Half Kleptos
03 Cryptomnesia
04 They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara
05 Puny Humans
06 Shake is for 8th Graders
07 Noir
08 Paper Cunts
09 Elderly Pair Beaten with Hammer
10 Warren Oats
11 Fuck Your Mouth