Earlier this year, storied Detroit DJ/producer—and former XLR8Rpodcast contributor—Omar-S issued the 16-track FXHE 10 Year Mix Compilation, a collection that aimed to highlight the singular vision for house and techno Omar-S’ FXHE label has displayed over the past 10 years. Now, word has come that a second 10th anniversary mix album is on the way comprised entirely of the veteran artist’s own productions. Simply titled FXHE 10 Year Compilation Mix #2, Juno Plus reports that the upcoming mix is the result of an all-vinyl session which pieces together 16 highlights from Omar-S’ catalog, with more recent cuts sitting alongside a number of effort’s from the man’s 2005 LP, Just Ask the Lonely.

Slated to drop on June 1, the full tracklist for Omar-S’ FXHE 10 Year Mix Compilation #2 can be peeped below, though no official artwork for the mix has been shared at this time.

01 Omar S – Unitarian
02 Omar S – Churchill
03 Omar S – You Heard What The Man Said Muthafukka
04 Omar S – Strider’s World
05 Omar S – Track#8
06 Omar S – Flying Blind
07 Omar S – Techy Alexander
08 Omar S – Columns
09 Omar S – Three Blind Rats
10 Omar S – Force Fed The Meds
11 Omar S – Mayall Il
12 Omar S – It Can Be Done But Only I Can Do It
13 Omar S – Got The Drop On Dem
14 Omar S – Untitled
15 Omar S – Gunup Runup
16 Omar S – Over You Too