Omar-S—or Alex Omar Smith, if you prefer his given name—recently explained that the artists he releases through his FXHE imprint are all from Michigan, “because people from Detroit or Michigan need to be heard.”

We’re not, however, going to listen to any of those artists on the upcoming Fabric 45 compilation, because the mix consists of Omar-S tracks from start to finish. Addressing this seeming contradiction, Smith says, “I don’t need other people’s music; I got over 100 songs released. I can make fucking six fucking Fabric records right now.”

So be it. Fabric will release this installment of its esteemed compilation series on March 16 in the U.K. and April 7 in the U.S. It’ll be a house and techno affair, for sure, and meanwhile, we await those other people from Detroit.

Fabric 45 – Omar-S
01 Omar-S – “Polycopter”
02 Omar-S – “Flying Gorgars”
03 Omar-S – “Strider’s World”
04 Omar-S – “Oasis Four”
05 Omar-S – “Crusin Conant”
06 Omar-S – “U”
07 Omar-S – “Oasis 13 ½”
08 Omar-S – “1 Out Of 853 Beats”
09 Omar-S – “Simple Than Sorry”
10 Omar-S – “Psychotic Photosynthesis”
11 Omar-S – “The Maker”
12 Omar-S – “A Victim”
13 Omar-S – “Oasis One”
14 Omar-S – “Blade Runner”
15 Omar-S – “Day”
16 Omar-S – “Set Me Out”