Veteran Detroit DJ/producer Omar-S is celebrating 10 years of operating his FXHE label with a mix album entitled FXHE 10 Year Mix Compilation. The 16-track release is a collection of some of the best songs issued by the enduring label, including a large number of Omar-S’s own tunes. Presenting a tracklist that displays the label’s singular vision for house and techno, FXHE 10 Year Mix Compilation also features music from the likes of Gunnar Wendal (a.k.a. Kassem Mosse), DJ Blend, and Luke Hess. Omar-S recently spoke to Juno Plus about the project, revealing that the mix is the first in a series and stating that it is full of tracks “for the people who might have missed out [the first time around].” The FXHE label mix is set to drop on February 1, but until then, its artwork and tracklist can be viewed below.

01 Omar-S “Motion”
02 Omar-S “The White Castle Song”
03 Omar-S & Shadow Ray “Oasis #13”
04 Omar-S “Missin You”
05 Omar-S “Who Wrote The Rules Of Love (Shadow Ray Remix)”
06 Omar-S & Kai Alce “Jivetime”
07 Omar-S “S.E.X”
08 Gunnar Wendel “578 (Mix By Omar-S)”
09 Omar-S & O B Ignitt “Wayne County Hill Cops Part 2 (Omar-S Mix)”
10 Omar-S “Here’s Your Trance Now Dance”
11 Omar-S “Sarah”
12 Jason Fine “Jack Yo Bodda”
13 Luke Hess “Break Through”
14 O B Ignitt “Oh Jabba”
15 Fit feat. Gunnar Wendal “Enter The Fog”
16 DJ Blend “Eclat”