Vancouver’s New Forms Festival, an event XLR8R hits every year, has released the first wave of artists for its upcoming 14th edition. Though relatively small, New Forms has staked a reputation for on-the-pulse programming that prioritizes quality over big names (although a few always stand out), and this year is no exception. Highlights for us include the loose kinship collective of Mathematics label head and prolific freeform techno producer Hieroglyphic Being, DJs Sotofett and Fett Burger of the mutant Sex Tags outfit, Golden Pudel resident Helena Hauff, and Acido label founder Dynamo Dreesen. Electronic abstractionist Oneohtrix Point Never will also feature, as will Inga Copeland, Hyperdub ambassador Scratcha DVA, urban grime alchemist Visionist, and more.

New Forms also integrates installations from a wide-ranging AV artist corps, as detailed in this first announcement, and runs from September 18–21 at the iconic Science World structure in downtown Vancouver. In preparation, XLR8R‘s coverage of of last year’s edition, featuring Jeff Mills, Kassem Mosse, Delroy Edwards, and Anthony Naples, can be found here.