Daniel Lopatin (aka Oneohtrix Point Never) is perhaps one of the most popular and influential contemporary experimental musicians to date. Lopatin is scheduled to release his newest album, Garden Of Delete (or g.o.d), via Warp Records this coming November.

The bizarrely compelling nature of Oneohtrix Point Never’s (OPN) erratic, sample-based material has continued to amass an extensive and loyal following since first releasing music as OPN in 2007. Lopatin’s career really took off after the release of his abstract and groundbreaking LP Replica, which he issued through his imprint, Software, in 2011. Having teamed up with the esteemed UK label Warp Records for the release of his last album, R Plus Seven, and his upcoming Garden of Delete LP, it is clear that OPN’s luring and exploratory sound maintains a great deal of clout in the electronic and experimental music genus.

You can stream LP cut “I Bite Through It” as well as a number of video teasers for Garden Of Delete in the video playlist below. Check out more from Oneohtrix Point Never (OPN XLR8R podcast) by visiting his Soundcloud page or website by going here.

01. Intro
02. Ezra
04. Sticky Drama
05. SDFK
06. Mutant Standard
07. Child of Rage
08. Animals
09. I Bite Through It
10. Freaky Eyes
11. Lift
12. No Good