French sample flipper and futuristic boogie patron Onra has announced he will release the second installment of his Chinoiseries, promising another LP of instrumental beat compositions that utilizes strictly source material found in China and Vietnam. The 32-track Chinoiseries Pt. 2 will drop on November 15 via Irish imprint All City, but you can check out the tracklist below, along with a short video trailer that includes footage of Onra hunting for records in China.

1 The Arrival
2 A New Dynasty
3 It’s All Memories
4 Remember The Name
5 Open The Door
6 Gotta Go
7 Mai’s Theme
8 Words Of Encouragement
9 Trapped
10 One For The Wu
11 No Matter What
12 Meet The Queen
13 Stay With Me
14 Opium Delirium
15 Cold Blooded
16 Where I’m From
17 Still Broke
18 Snakes & Smoke
19 Mai’s Theme 2
20 Raw Shit
21 Ms. Ho
22 All Night
23 In My Mind
24 Hide And Seek
25 Play The Game
26 Warriors Pride
27 Like Father, Like Son
28 Fight Or Die
29 Through The Flesh
30 Tears Of Joy
31 They Got Breaks Two
32 The End