Photo: Alicia Frew

Öona Dahl has unveiled her new album on DJ Three‘s Hallucienda label.

Morph picks up where Holograma, Dahl’s first album left off, we’re told. It’s her “most adventurous” body of work yet, and across nine original tracks she expands her sound from vocal-led electronica into “offerings of indie dance.” She does all this while keeping one foot in left-field house and techno.

As a young girl in upstate New York, Dahl became fascinated with music through listening to old cassette tapes in her living room. This passion evolved and before long she began making musical sketches in Fruity Loops. She moved to Florida in the early ’00s to spend her college years studying sound design and digital media, and as she immersed herself in the local party scene, bouncing between events in Orlando, Miami, and Tampa, she met DJ Three, real name Christopher Milo, from Hallucination Recordings.

By 2012, as Dahl’s music made its way into the hands of DJs, she signed to Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream. Meanwhile, she began to develop a more experimental and song-based side of her music, exploring the ambient stylings of This Mortal Coil, Björk’s electronica, and Brian Eno. Dahl’s efforts caught the ear of DJ Three and before long she was signed to an album deal with his Hallucienda imprint.

Morph caps off a busy period for Dahl. After self-releasing Road2Awe, an acid-tinged two-tracker, in March last year, she put out the Godtripper EP on Watergate, delivering deep, bouncing grooves. As Slumber, her collaboration with Amber Cox, she’s put out a track on XLR8R+ in August, and another one earlier this month. She’s also put out Re:Luminate, a collection of her favoirite electronica songs remixed into techno, drum & bass, and house by the likes of Orlando Voorn, David Last, SenseNet, Mathias Schaffhäuser, and Indoor Man.

For more information on Öona Dahl, check out her XLR8R podcast here.

Earlier this year, DJ Three curated an edition of XLR8R+, featuring exclusive tracks from Amir Alexander, Grumptronix, Indoor Man, Slumber, Ulysses, and Fanatico (Jorge Soccarás & Mathias Schaffhäuser). You can check that out here.


01. 15 Years Old
02. Remember
03. Angel
04. Free
05. Serenity feat Kirsty Hawkshaw
06. Look Right Through
07. Lucid
08. Morph
09. Sparkle + Fade

Morph LP is scheduled for May 7 release. Meanwhile, you can hear clips and pre-order over at Beatport.