Earlier this week, Öona Dahl released her debut album, Holograma, via DJ Three’s Hallucienda label.

The album follows Dahl’s Wait. lifted EP, which gave listeners a glimpse at her more experimental production personality. On Holograma, which evidently features the preceding EP’s title track as its opener, Dahl pushes her songwriting prowess to the forefront, weaving through floating ambience, cosmic techno, and more pop-infused pastures with her vocals featuring throughout. Although she doesn’t eschew the dancefloor altogether, there’s a noticeable shift in Dahl’s focus, one that has resulted in a striking debut that will further solidify her status as one of electronic music’s most exciting newcomers.

Holograma is out now and can be purchased here, with album cut “Treescry” streaming in full below.

Photo: Roshi Littlelight Sariaslan