As of late, there’s been much ado about the so-called “witch house/drag house” genre (think Creep, Balam Acab, and triangles and other mystic shit), and yet half the artists mentioned in the same breath have nary a single release to their names. Breaking away from the pack this September is San Francisco’s oOoOO (a.k.a. Christopher Dexter Greenspan, who pronounces his stage name “oh”), and he’s set to release his self-titled debut EP on the new Kompakt Records offshoot Tri Angle.

oOoOO is out September 27, but for the time being, you can download Greenspan’s remix of Lindsay Lohan’s “I Live for the Day” (from the recent Tri Angle-approved mixtape Let Me Shine For You) here. And then check out the tracklist for the forthcoming EP below.

oOoOO tracklist:
1 Mumbai
2 Burnout Eyess
3 Sedsumting
4 Hearts
5 Plains Is Hot
6 Burnout Eyes (Visions of Trees Remix)