Opal Sunn will release a new EP on Nick Höppner’s Touch From A Distance, titled Laika.

Laika is largely inspired by the duo’s first Panorama Bar performance in January 2020, and continues on from Parallax, their debut on Touch From A Distance, meaning their “sound design is as pristine as a mountain spring and their arrangements are as tight and effective as ever,” we’re told. All four tracks feel much more centered and balanced, aiming at a heaving dancefloor.

The EP’s second track and name is a tribute to the Laika tent at Field Maneuvers festival, where they played last year, marking a highlight of 2019.

Höppner, former Ostgut Ton manager, set up Touch From A Distance in 2018, aiming to showcase “fresh talent from around the globe.” He’s previously put out work from Desert Sound Colony, Cameo Blush, Donald’s House, and more.


A1. Laika
A2. Minority State
B1. Holy Mountain
B2. Tangerine Blues

Laika EP is out February 21, with pre-order available here. Meanwhile you can hear clips below.