Erstwhile Souls of Mischief member Opio has leaked some details about his sophomore solo album, the follow-up to 2005’s Triangulation Station.

Vulture’s Wisdom, Volume 1, slated for an August release on Hiero Imperium, finds the MC working closely alongside Oakland, CA-based producer The Architect and blazing through 14 tracks of golden-era hip-hop informed music. “We embody the energy that people are trying so desperately to recapture or reconnect with,” Opio explained in a recent press release. The veteran artist–who has been recording for over 15 years, went on to say, “our music has stayed true to the art form and this album is a tribute to that.”

Vulture’s Wisdom will come packaged with a bonus DVD that includes music videos and some animated short films by Southern California pop artist David Flores. The album is said to be the first in a forthcoming trilogy.

Catch Opio on the road with the rest of the Hiero Imperium crew starting in June, for the Freshly Dipped Tour that starts with the Paid Dues Hip-Hop festival and continues throughout most of the summer.