Digital video art and electronic music both move as fast as the engineers programming those new technologies, so it’s no surprise that techno culture has long been a testing ground for the latest developments in motion pictures. The Optronica Festival–held March 14-18 at the National Film Institute in London’s Southbank area–cements the connections between these two cultures, moving DV art out of the ghetto of rave VJing and DVD extras, and onto the BFI Imax, the largest movie screen in Europe.

The four-day event will feature world premieres of shows from Lemon Jelly’s Fred Deakin, Semiconductor, Peter Greenaway, and graphic designer/musician Trevor Jackson, along with discussions and exhibitions featuring Japan’s Ryoichi Kurokawa and Spain’s Retractable. There’s plenty to enjoy here for non-pixel pushers, including exclusive collaborations from Christian Fennesz and Charles Atlas, and Speedy J and Scott Pagano.