Coming only eight months after its The Underground Sound of Glasgow mix, venerable Scottish DJ duo Optimo has announced the forthcoming Dark Was The Night mix album for Mule Musiq. Named after the song “Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground” by singer/songwriter Blind Willie Johnson (who died penniless, though his song was later one of 27 other pieces of music sent into space in 1977), Optimo’s 21-track mix features an eclectic selection of tunes by artists like Grouper, Terrence Dixon, Carter Tutti, Hecker, Silent Servant, Nurse With Wound, and Hieroglyphic Being, among others. Optimo states that its set is an “attempt to invoke the sounds of a dark winter’s night,” and goes on to say that “the music is far from being cold and soulless, and is full of atmosphere and feeling.” Dark Was The Night will be released on January 13; until then, its tracklist can be viewed below. (via Resident Advisor)

01. Grouper – Vanishing Point
02. Jeff & Jayne Hudson – Mystery Chant
03. Terrence Dixon – Lost At Sea (Untitled 3)
04. Jared Wilson – This Love
05. Qx-1 – I Won’t Hurt You
06. Roberto Auser – Eclipse
07. Recondite – Cleric
08. Byetone – Plastic Star
09. Kode9 & Space Ape – Sine Of The Dub
10. Hieroglyphic Being – Imaginary Soundscapes 9
11. Silent Servant – Invocation
12. Inigo Kennedy – Cathedral
13. Hecker – Bsf°Tyk 5
14. Nurse With Wound – Ketamineaphonia
15. Carter Tutti – Coolicon
16. Voigt & Voigt – Intro Koenig
17. Holy Ghost Inc. – Mad Monks On Zinc
18. Deadboy – Black Reign
19. Like A Tim – Hurt You One More Time
20. The Freeze – Psychodalek Nightmares
21. Angel Corpus Christi – Dream Baby Dream