After fusing every possible track with manic dance beats on How to Kill the DJ Vol. 2 and tripping us out with their Psyche Out mix, the Glasgow duo Optimo sends us wandering through far darker territory with a limited Japanese release titled Walkabout. The mix stands as the inaugural release for Endless Flight, a new label from the folks at Mule Electronic, intended for music that flirts with several genres at once. Optimo, then, is an apt choice for kicking things off.

Tracks by Philus, Marc Houle, and others ensure the mix has some toe-tapping beats, but Walkabout is more a showcase of Keith McIvor’s and Jonnie Wilkes’ personal tastes than the result of a couple DJs anxious to get their paws on hot dance tracks. The mix meanders through Throbbing Gristle before droning with Grungerman and dubbing it out with Pan Sonic. The eclectic, and often ponderous, nature of the tracks says the guys are using this opportunity to play exactly what they want.

Walkabout is out March 26, 2007.

1. Throbbing Gristle – “Walkabout”
2. Grungerman – “Grungerman”
3. Pan Sonic – “Hapatus”
4. Databrain – “Electrofrogs (Pin Up)”
5. Like a Tim – “Aibe Stracie”
6. Lennr Dee & Nicolai Vorkapich – “The Virus”
7. Philus – “Kuvio 3”
8. Shane Berry – Fillertet 2”
9. Boris – “My Machine”
10. Godsy – “The Grass Runs Red”
11. Suicide – “Radiation”
12. Eventell & Metaboman – “Control a Zoid”
13. Thomas Brinkmann – “Momomexico”
14. 6K – “Tighten”
15. Marc Houle – “Bay of Figs”
16. Herbert – “Moving Like a Train (Smith n Hack Remix)”
17. Radio Sampling in Nagoya
18. Black Dice “Manoman”