Later this month, Esther Duijn‘s Another Earth imprint will release its latest split EP featuring Opuswerk and Lee Holman.

Following on from standout EPs featuring Myles Serge and Duijn and Douglas, and Plural and Hakim Murphy, ae303 finds Opuswerk and Lee Holman in peak-time mode, offering two deep and propulsive cuts each. On the a-side, Opuswerk’s “RF Thruster” focuses on intricate drum programming and whirring synths, with “EmDrive” its deep and slow burning companion piece; while on the b-side, Lee Holman’s “Adaptive Optics” and “Absorption Lines” opt for gritty, drum-machine rhythms and heaving low-ends.

Ahead of the release, you can stream snippets of all four cuts via the player below.