Ori Alboher (a.k.a. ORI) is a Berlin-based singer, songwriter, and producer.

Growing up in Jerusalem and being a part of the local music scene, ORI was always considered a well-kept secret. His live concerts were rare and only promoted via word of mouth, but led to sold out venues and a growing fan base. In August 2012, he released two albums, one with his then band FOLO called The Secret Message, and also his solo debut Unwind. Shortly after that, ORI decided to move to Berlin, Germany.

“Black Book” is the first single taken from his upcoming album, titled 1986. Like the majority of ORI’s tracks, “Black Book” was created using only a loop-station and ORI’s voice, looping layers of melody and harmony on top of a beat he created.

“Black Book”—the video for which is streamable below—is scheduled for February 10 release, with the album set to drop on April 7 via IMU Records.