YPY is back with his third full-length album, Be A Little More Selfish, out May 29 via EM Records

YPY is the solo alias of Osaka-based Koshiro Hino, known to many as leader of Japanese band goat. His unruly outputs encompass a wide variety of styles, often with a focus on percussive elements, from dancefloor-friendly techno and house tracks to noisier experimental excursions. After self-releasing works via his own birdFriend label, his first EP, Visions, surfaced via Berlin’s Nous Disques in 2015, followed by his debut full-length, Zurhyrethm, in June, then his second LP, 2020, through the UK’s Where To Now?

Here he delivers five tracks of varying density and intensity, all thoroughly beat-oriented, with skeins of synthesized and sampled sound stretching to the horizon. 

The cover image and title hark back to Hino’s past, with the image obscurely referencing his green mohawk, and the title derived from Talking Heads.

EM Records is an independent record label based in the southern part of the city of Osaka, Japan, established in 1998.


01. Guilty Pants (10:43)

02. It’s Not So Bad I Think (1:39)

03. Resom Plants (7:31)

04. All Wounds (13:09)

05. Games #2 p-type (6:34)

Be A Little More Selfish’LP lands May 28 on digital, 12-inch vinyl, and CD, with clips below.