Spanish techno label PoleGroup‘s 50th release comes from Selección Natural, the new collaborative project of label boss Oscar Mulero, Exium, and Reeko. The three artists produced different components at random phases, described as “a creation loop that means you’ll never know who is making what.”

The 14 tracks will arrive in three slices, with Pole Group 50 and Pole Group 50.2 dropping on vinyl and digital formats, whilst 50.1 will be released as a complementary digital-only release. These releases are also grouped under the name Seleccion Natural.

“You’ll find no ambient interludes, no anthems, no big breakdowns… every piece in this creation has been designed for the finest dancefloors. Rough textures mixed with solid beats and continuous synth lines, techno in essence made by those who never left the boat during rough times—pioneers making the soundtrack of the future.”— Pole Group


PoleGroup 50

A1. Expression Gnt
A2. Molecular Genetics
B1. Hox Genes
B2. Biological Fitness
C1. Random Mutations
C2. Genotype
D1. Geometric Animal
D2. Evolution

PoleGroup 50.1

01. Negative Selection
02. Struggle for Existence

PoleGroup 50.2

A1. Necton
A2. Prokaryotic
B1. Replicant Isolation
B2. Transmutation

PoleGroup 50 will land May 25, with the other two expected later this year.