Ouri will soon debut on Ghostly International with her We Share Our Blood EP, scheduled for September 28 release.  

Ouri is a DJ, electronic producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Hailing from South America by way of France, she produces electronic music in Montreal. Superficial, her debut album, arrived in 2017; while she also teamed up with Montreal-based singer-songwriter Mind Bath on a surprise self-titled EP. 

We Share Our Blood is Ouri’s first offering of 2018 and her first release on Ghostly International. It sees her using her own voice for the first time, and we’re told that, contrary to her previous work, this EP is “shaped out of mantras and hymns, ushering through the portal an offering of space for listeners to investigate their own fantasies.” 

 “As I continue to create music, I want the whole experience to be even more raw. No one else is included for this one; from writing to mastering, the process is direct from me to the listener.” — Ouri. 


01. Down

02. We Share Our Blood

03. Hypersensis

04. Escape

05. K-Yen Dreamin

We Share Our Blood will land on September 28 on Ghostly International/Make It Rain, with “Escape” available to stream in full below.