This week, soul chanteuse Stacy Epps drops her debut, The Faint’s new one is out so we can finally stop talking about it, and Bradford Cox one again proves why he’s most deserving of the label “prolific.”

The Faint

The newest full-length from the Omaha, NE dance-rock five piece, who split from their longtime home at Saddle Creek and self-released this one.

Stacy Epps
The Awakening
New Directions in Sound/JapaNUBIA Musik

This soulstress had a lone leaked single to her name until this album came to fruition. Madlib-style beats meet Coltrane-like musings here, with a cool, confident flow.

Fabric 41 Mixed by Luciano

Cadenza boss Luciano assumed mixing duties for the latest Fabric compilation, which is finally seeing its Stateside release. All things minimal and tribal abound here.

Ulrich Schnauss
Stars EP

This came out digitally at the end of June, but the physical version drops on Tuesday, in the form of a lovely DRM-free CD. A master of shoegaze ambience, Schnauss pulled the track “Stars” from his Quicksand Memory EP and, along with Maps and Andrew Prinz, gave it a couple re-workings.

Atlas Sound
“Atlas Shrugged” 7″
K Records

So the story goes, Bradford Cox stopped into Dub Narcotic studios in Olympia, WA, made a song up on the spot, played all the instruments, then handed it off to studio head and K Records’ boss Calvin Johnson, who put a few finishing touches on the single. If only it were that easy for the rest of us.

Brazilian Girls
New York City
Verve Forecast

Neither Brazilian or female (except for the lead singer), this band outfit from New York unleashes its third full-length this week. The album features Senegalese singer Baaba Maal on a track and jazz percussionist Kenny Wollesen on three.

Out Last Week

Photo of Brazilian Girls by Michael Weintrob