California-based music and technology firm Output has recently announced the release of its fourth-ever product and its first-ever effects engine, MOVEMENT.

With a straightforward and tightly focused mission of enabling music makers to be creative, Output created this latest tool with an intuitive design and ease of use that can be applied in both live scenarios and in the studio.

With the ability to transform any sound in real-time, Movement allows users to choose from over 300 presets while also holding the capability to build custom rhythms with the sidechain, flux, LFO, or step-sequencer rhythm modulation. These rhymes can be tweaked swiftly while adjusting parameters in real time with the XY micro pad.

Output founder Gregg Lehrman offers up a perfect summary of his product, saying: “Movement is not only powerful but also incredibly musical. Whether you’re slowly bringing in subtle motion, or adding insane movement, you’ll find that each and every rhythm combination is first and foremost musical.”

You can learn more about MOVEMENT including how to purchase this latest software, or any of Output’s other virtual instruments by visiting the website. You can also watch an instructional video about MOVEMENT by clicking on the video below.