California-based music and technology firm Output announced today that it has released a groundbreaking new VST for vocal creation called: EXHALE.

EXHALE was developed by a team of over 25 sound designers for producers that are seeking a constructive instrument made for modern track creation, film score, and music across all genres. EXHALE was crafted by top producers with an immense focus on musicality, employing real recording singers using endless analog gear, vintage recording gear, tape machines, and vocoders—the software engine for EXHALE was built from the ground up using industry leading modulation, tempo synced FX, pitch shifting and more. Output are also the developers behind innovative virtual instruments like SIGNAL, a software synth that comes with an massive array of content including a impressive stockpile of uncompressed analog synths, digital synths and organic instruments.

You can learn more about EXHALE including how to purchase this latest software, or any of Output’s other virtual instruments by visiting the website. You can also watch a promo video about EXHALE by clicking on the video below.