Oval‘s next album will drop via his own label UOVOOO this October.

Markus Popp brought back his Oval project in 2010, after almost a decade’s hiatus. Through the ’90s, Oval had been at the forefront of glitch music; upon the project’s recent revival however, the sound has been revamped and restyled.

According to Pitchfork, the upcoming Popp LP will see a move into “club tracks.” Popp explained that the production process was “like going from cucina povera (my 1990s student-budget glitch style) and hi-tech fusion cuisine (post-2010) to feeling like a vegan who just stumbled into a barbecue seminar.”

Popp will hit stores on October 14.


01. Ai
02. Fu
03. Re
04. Ku
05. Sa
06. Lo
07. Id
08. My
09. Mo
10. Ca
11. Ve