Overmono, the collaboration of Tom and Ed Russell, have announced a new EP with a new track called “Gunk.”

Cash Romantic, the EP, follows on from the British pair’s 2021 releases BMW Track / So U Kno, Diamond Cut / Bby, and Pieces Of 8 / Echo Rush. We’re told to expect a “future-facing, contemporary celebration of sound-system culture” that’s set to “electrify” club and festival dancefloors throughout the year.

The inspiration for the release comes from a box of old tapes they’d recorded when they were kids, where they’d “basically try and mashup old records of our parents with whatever records we were buying at the time,” Tom and Ed Russel say in a statement. “Gerry Rafferty mixed with London acid techno, Dr. Hook mixed with old weirdo trance tracks, and that sort of thing.” The tapes are a “proper mess,” they add, “but there was always something about trying to get two totally different worlds to collide that stuck with us.”

The release also marks a new phase in the duo’s evolution—one that sees them introducing a “broader spectrum to their deft compositions” to take their sound beyond the dancefloor.


01. Cash Romantic
02. Gunk
03. Gfortune
04. Bone Mics
05. Phosycon

Cash Romantic EP is scheduled for April 8 release on XL Recordings. Meanwhile, you can stream “Gunk” in full below, and pre-order here.