Idiot Box is the debut full-length album coming from producer P.U.D.G.E and UK label Ramp. The new release follows about six years of the producer’s integration within the fertile LA beat scene—sharing beat tapes, playing the infamous Low End Theory party, and being featured in All-City‘s SoCal-centric split 10″ series with Dibiase. July 26 sees the release of Idiot Box. Check out the artwork and tracklist below.

01 Elektric Werdz
02 Everything To Me
03 Merci Mercy Me
04 Whut Happened
05 The Price Is Wrong B…
06 Wholehearted
07 Lost AngeLA
08 Insensitivity
09 Don’t Get Too Huxtable
10 The Way I Feelately
11 Still Love Lost…
12 Allow Me To Waste Time