Tresor Records will release a new EP from Pacou, five years after the release of his last full EP, Sense.

Pacou was born and raised in Berlin. He began collecting house and techno in 1989 and went to many legendary parties in the city, before releasing his first record as Agency Cooper in September 1996. The following year, in 1997, Tresor then released Pacou’s first album, titled Symbolic Language, and he then became a resident DJ at the club, a platform which then allowed him to make great progress as both a DJ and a producer.

The label describes the three tracks as “true” to the “sound that defines the work of the German techno expert.”


A1 / 1. 9616
A2 / 2. Polyphase
B1 / 3. A Texture (Remix)
B2 / 4. Rumburak

A Shot In The Dark EP is scheduled for March 24 release, with “A Texture (Remix)” streamable below.