Pact Infernal will release a debut LP on Horo, titled Infernality.

After two EPs on the Horo label, namely The Decent Chapter I & II, the Pact Infernal sound has collected a base of devoted listeners.

Infernality, the label says, is an “accomplished” piece of work that brings together the elements that worked so well on both their EP’s into a “robust, coherent statement.”


01. Purification
02. Initiation
03. Philosophy
04. Meditations
05. Principles
06. Death & Rebirth
07. Infernality
08. Talismans
09. Symbology
10. Transmutation
11. Retribution
12. Summoning
13. Rites Of Passage

Infernality is scheduled for June 9 release, with an exclusive mix by the duo streamable below.