Norwegian vocalist, performer, and sound artist Stine Janvin will release a debut album on PAN next week, titled Fake Synthetic Music.

Janvin work focuses on the extensive flexibility of her voice, and the ways in which it can be disconnected from its natural, human connotations. Created for variable spaces from theatres, to clubs and galleries, the backbone of Janvin’s projects focus on the physical aspects of sound, and potential dualities of the natural versus artificial, organic/synthetic, and minimal/dramatic.

The concept behind Fake Synthetic Music is the creation of a full-body physical and ambient experience with the frequency range of Janvin’s voice. We’re told that it sees here present a new take on “deconstructed rave” by exploring both sonic and optical illusions, otoacoustic emissions, and minimal melodic sequences in reference to pop, techno, and trance. “I wanted to explore how I could vocalize in a way that would combine architectural sound with dancefloor sequences,” she says. 

Each track is based on a different take on these ideas, some being pure studio production, using only her vocal archive of sustained notes, chopped up into innumerable pieces of different lengths, and re-attached. 


01. MOOD


03. LIPS

04. Like Right Now

05. Like Last Night

06. Tripple A

07. Portamento

08. Lean In

09. Zen Garden

Fake Synthetic Music LP will land on October 12, with the title track streaming below alongside a video produced by Erik Ferguson.