Bill Kouligas’ experimental PAN imprint had an exceptional 2013, further cementing itself as a trustworthy label for conceptual innovations in music. 2014 looks to be just as busy for the prolific outpost—after starting the year with a new EP from roster mainstay Helm, PAN has detailed its release schedule for the coming months.

First, February 17 will see a label debut from acid-indebted artist Bass Clef, who will release the four-song Raven Yr Own Worl EP. The following week, Italian producer Valeri Tricoli will release a double album (and first solo LP in six years), titled Miseri Lares. In March, London-based producer and No Symbols label founder Beneath will debut a self-titled, four-track EP (his first for PAN). Tentatively set for April, the improvisational duo of Helena Hauff and f#x (a.k.a. Black Sites) also have a new EP in the works, called Unit 2669. Finally, rising Berlin-based producer and new PAN signing M.E.S.H. will unveil his self-titled EP, though a release date has not been announced.

Until this deluge of esoteric music officially drops, the tracklists for each of the forthcoming PAN records can be found below. (via Juno Plus)

Bass Clef – Raven Yr Own Worl EP
A1 Self-Perpetuating Fun Loop
A2 Fluorescent City Shining City
B1 Euphoric Nihilism
B2 Adventures Unventured, Tenderness Untendered

Valerio Tricoli – Miseri Lares
A1 La Distanza
A2 Hic Labor Ille Domus Et Inextricabilis Error
B1 Error
B2 In The Eye Lf The Cyclone
C1 Das Schräg Haus
C2 Le Qoheleth ?
D1 Miseri Lares
D2 In Your Ruins Is My Shelter

Beneath – Beneath EP
A1 Bored 2
A2 Occupy
B1 One Blings
B2 Stress 1

Black Sites – Unit 2669 EP
A Unit 2669
B ??????

M.E.S.H. – M.E.S.H. EP
A1 Siren Server
A2 Interdictor
B1 Captivated
B2 Imperialsewers
B3 Glassel Finisher