Eartheater has signed to PAN for an upcoming album, due later this year, and has released a new video for “Claustra.”

Eartheater is the project of New York-based artist Alexandra Drewchin, with two previous albums on Hausu Mountain. “Claustra” is a song with roots that stretch back to her last album, 2015’s RIP Chrysalis, but looks forward to new paradigms for the project. Co-directed by Christine Zenyi Lu and Drewchin, the video was shot in Paris at Père Lachaise Cemetery, where luminaries such as Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, and more are buried. It features dancer Gina Chiappetta performing choreography by Drewchin.

Drewchin explains the origins of the song and imagery: “I wrote “Claustra” around the same time as RIP Chrysalis. However, the piece felt different from everything else I was making at the time. It was foreshadowing things I didn’t fully understand about myself—things that are coming more into focus with upcoming projects. I was realizing that monogamy was a false security for me personally. The song came in like an anthem encouraging me to embrace my growing pains to understand new freedoms. Simultaneously, I was thinking about ownership and control as an artist while meditating on what’s left behind after the composer is dead—what is culturally compostable and what are the bones?”

The album will land later this year, with the video streaming above.