Bill Kouligas’ PAN label has announced a new album from Berlin artist Chris Douglas (known primarly for his work as O.S.T.), producer under his Dalglish alias. Entitled Niaiw Ot Vile, the 10-track LP is dedicated to Douglas’ late friend and Isolate founder Wai Cheng. Having been involved in electronic music since his teens—working with Underground Resistance‘s Miles Banks and Drexicya‘s James Stinson—Douglas is in a prime position to release what should be a dissective and exploratory record. Described by the label as “complex and cavernous,” the music is said to “[marry] the freedom and tonal breadth of electroacoustic composition with percussive patterns disjointed to the point of collapse.” Niaiw Ot Vile is set for release on November 8, but before then, the artwork (done by Bill Kouligas and Kathryn Politis) and tracklist can be viewed below.

A1. Venpin
A2. Noscrlu
A3. Viochlm
A4. Out_Kutzk
B1. Ciaradh
B2. Donsfe
B3. Seit Nuin
B4. Sclunt
B5. Mothlitz
B6. Oidhche