Elysia Crampton will release ORCORARA 2010, her new album, on PAN.

ORCORARA 2010 is Crampton’s sixth album, following 2018’s self-titled outing on Break World Records. It was commissioned and first released in 2018 by Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva, for the first floor at the Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement 2018: “The Sound of Screens Imploding” exhibition.

The album is dedicated to the life of Paul Sousa, who, while incarcerated, worked years as an inmate firefighter across the Sierra Nevadas of California. It touches on intergenerational trauma and fugitives of Christian violence, and comes mastered by Rashad Becker. All proceeds go to the American Indian Movement West/ AIM SoCal chapters.

Crampton is a Bolivian-American sound artist. Her work touches upon themes of Aymara survival, Latin culture, science fiction, and Christian faith and ontology.

The album precedes Amnesia Scanner’s Tearless on PAN, and it follows Beatrice Dillon’s Workaround.


01. Secret Ravine
02. Dog Clouds (feat. Jeremy Rojas)
03. Morning Star-Red Glare-Sequoia Bridge (feat. Jeremy Rojas)
04. Grove (feat. Embaci)
05. Sierra Nevada (feat. Jeremy Rojas)
06. Homeless (Q’ara)
07. Amaru (Dried Pine)
08. Crucifixion (feat. Shannon Funchess)
09. Spring of Wound
10. Crest (feat. Fanny Chuquimia)
11. Abolition
12. Flora (feat. Jeremy Rojas)

ORCORARA 2010 is out digitally on May 1 for when Bandcamp waives its fees, and on all all other platforms on May 4. The vinyl version comes on July 10. Meanwhile, you can stream “Morning Star-Red Glare-Sequoia Bridge” (feat. Jeremy Rojas) below.