Photo: Maria Koutroubi

Evita Manji, an Athens-based artist and vocalist, will release their debut album on PAN, titled Spandrel?

Manji has been an ethereal presence on the scene for the last few years, and recently launched their own platform, myxoxym. Most recently, they assembled an ambitious fundraiser compilation featuring Rainy Miller, Palmistry, Cecile Believe, and others.

Across 10 new songs, on their album debut, Manji asks wonders what elements of ourselves might be for endurance, and what might just be decoration. These questions are pieced together from the vapors of contemporary club music, baroque pop, and experimental sound design. We’re told that the album is “tragic, romantic, and poetic,” and attempts to “balance the doom of global climate meltdown with themes of self-actualization, love, and bodily autonomy.”

Alongside the announcement, Manji has shared “Body/Prison,” on which their sound is “most naked,” speaking honestly about their life’s darkest moments and confessing their deepest feelings over searing trance-inspired synths.


01. Spandrel?
02. Pitch Black
03. Oil/Too Much
04. Closer to Midnight
05. Body/Prison
06. Lies?
07. Eyes/Not Enough
08. The Lungs of a Burning Body
09. XYZ/Labyrinth
10. Black Hole

Spandrel? LP is scheduled for January 30 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Body/Prison” in full via the player below and pre-order it here.