Hendrik Weber (a.k.a. Pantha Du Prince) will soon release a totally reworked ambient re-envisioning of last year’s The Triad LP, his first studio album in six years.

The Ambient LP sees Weber leave behind “the pulsating beats and most of the vocals of the original,” according to the label, to create “something new, delicate, dreamy, and unutterably gorgeous.”

In addition to Weber’s ambient recreations, a number of artists have contributed remixes of The Triad’s songs to an EP of remixes, which will be released alongside the Ambient Versions LP. The Remixes EP features Solomun, Recondite, Efdemin, Shinedoe, Alva Noto, and more.

Weber describes the concept behind The Triad Ambient Versions:

The Triad Ambient Versions bring the listener into a free space, as music consists of strictly folded sonic spaces that can be structured for the dance, for body-movement: the heart beat synchronizes the movement. The ambient versions have no beats and the listener gets a more transparent musical picture, an image full of light-atmosphere non-defined and free, for the human spirit to unfold its own way of receiving space folded into time. The straight columns of rhythm were taken away for a light wind of silence and non-structured fluid movements.”

Rough Trade will release both The Triad – Ambient Versions and the Remixes EP on June 9. Both releases will be available via all streaming and digital providers, with a limited pressing of the Ambient Versions LP also available. A future 12” series of the Remixes tracks will be available down the line.

In advance of the release, “Islands In The Sky” (Ambient Version) is streamable in full below.