You may or may not be aware that Portland-based freak-out act Panther is comprised of more than the inimitable Charlie Salas-Humara and his spastic dance moves. Though a recent press release states that “even when [Panther] was Charlie’s solo effort, he was never really alone… there was a sense that Panther was being overtaken by something,” fans will be introduced to a more literal version of multiple band members with 14kt God. Due out February 19 on Kill Rock Stars, Panther’s debut album sees the inclusion of one Joe Kelly lending his skills on the drum set.

The result of this newfound collaboration is an album with its fair share of outrageous lyrics, falsetto tones, and scatter-brained beats, but also some new sides of Panther, in the form of more tempered songwriting and even some political commentary. It’s the new era of Panther, and we’re stoked.

1. Puerto Rican Jukebox
2. Her Past Are the Trees
3. Decision, Decision
4. On The Lam
5. Violence, Diamonds
6. These Two Trees
7. Worn Moments
8. Glamorous War
9. Take Yr Cane
10. Beautiful Condo
11. 14kt God
12. Total Sexy Church
13. What You Hear

Photo of Panther by Rys.