Parachute Records are set to launch two new series of Various Artist compilations.

First of all there is Void Transcripts, which is comprised entirely of meditative and hypnotic experiments in found sounds, modular synth work and guitar tones. It steers away from the label’s previous output to show a new, adventurous side that they are looking forward to explore more of in the future.

Artists featured include At Vilander, Blue Mountain Club, D1T1, Dead Heat and House of Leaves.

The compilation is due to be released June 29 on 10” vinyl and digital formats, with beautiful photography by Alison Scarpulla.

Track listing: Void Transcripts

A1: House ov Leaves – A Safe Haven From the Problems of the Real World

A2: Blue Mountain Club – He Has Plans For You

B1: At Vilander – The Subliminal Sense of Absorption

B2: Dead Heat – Dedication

B3: D1T1 – 001

Then there is Fabric Safety Apparatus VOL.1. – the first in a new series of club-oriented selections presented by Parachute.

Fabric Safety Apparatus Vol. 1 is scheduled for release July 27 in a 2×12” package designed by Kero.

Track listing: Fabric Safety Apparatus Vol. 1

A1: Avatism – Hessdalen

A2: Wrong Assessment – Weight of Truth (Tier One)

B1: South London Ordnance – New Mods (Elevation)

B2: Ayarcana – Hybrid Assistive Limb

C1: Max_M – Slope

C2: Clockwork – Blame

D1: Meze – Page 105

D2: Metrist – Ms. Crrot

A exclusive teaser video to mark the series can be streamed below.