A new film entitled Paradise Garage, about the history of the club, is in the making.

The Paradise Garage discotheque, located in New York’s Hudson Square between 1977-87, is widely recognized as one of the most fundamental places in dance music history. It was also the spot that cult favorite Larry Levan would use as a base for a decade long residency.

Director Jonathan Ullman (who some may be familiar with for his 2011 outing Trouble in the Heights) is currently prepping a film about the Garage, featuring Kobna Holdbrook-Smith as Larry Levan.

According to a description on the production’s site, it will depict “the true story of how everything came together despite all odds in the late 1970’s in New York City to construct a cherished space that served as a sanctuary to its members. The film portrays the complicated relationship between Paradise Garage owner Michael Brody and Larry Levan. It covers Larry’s brilliant but short-lived career including his remixing and producing work in the studio, and stretches into the 80’s as AIDS began to tragically decimate the community, ultimately leading to the closing of the club.”

Last year, Ullman also put out a 15-minute short entitled What is the Paradise Garage? Stream it below. For more information and updates on the film, head to the Paradise Garage site.

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